Meraki Labs

Digital presence & brand identity for Bangalore-based venture studio



I designed the brand identity and website for a first-of-its-kind Indian startup studio, positioning it strongly as a playground for innovation in the burgeoning Indian startup ecosystem.

Leveraging Webflow, I implemented  interactions and scroll-based animations that brought the brand to life. I created a robust CMS to streamline content management.

project type

Web Design
Webflow Development
Interaction Design
Brand Identity
Motion Design


2 Engineers

2 Designers

1 Product Manager


Feb 2021 - Apr 2021

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about the brand

A vision to be a playground for innovation in India

Meraki Labs is an early stage incubator and venture fund started by serial entrepreneur Mukesh Bansal (founder of Myntra, Curefit). Launched in 2020, Meraki aims to invest in early-stage companies and incubate game-changing ideas. The idea of an experimental space where ideas were constantly being built, catalyzed and iterated upon became the cornerstone of the brand identity and consequently the visual language.

brand identity

The building blocks of the brand.

Meraki is a place of constant innovation and activity. Where we build fast, fail fast, learn and move forward.

This ‘sandbox of ideas’ nature of the brand is reflected by the logo, which is made of  blocks- a cue for learning, experimentation and building.

A scroll down the home page
the website

I brought the brand alive with rich animations & interactions

As a new player, Meraki was just getting started with its portfolio. So it was crucial for the website to serve as a manifesto, showcasing Meraki's vision, mission, and values prominently.
I collaborated with the team to develop the content strategy. Then I iterated on the design and developed it on webflow.


Visual explorations at various levels of fidelity through the process

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