experiments, miscellaneous work shots and side projects

My favourite direction from a project with Goethe Institut where I designed the visual identity for an initiative exploring the role of South Asian music sub-cultures in politics and activism. Website

A snippet from a motion graphic promo I designed as part of a branding project for EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, a first of its kind tech-fest in Mumbai. My favourite part was creating the custom lettering and making it move. Project Link

What if your browser homepage actually helped you dive back into your tasks instead of bombard you with clickbaity links? More at Skeema

Once upon a time I watched Annihilation and loved the iridescent aesthetic of the Alien. So tried to simulate those materials on C4D.

The radial menu is cool and doesn't deserve to be in the HCI museum. I will start the radial menu resurgence!!

The Tab Terminator: At my job at Skeema, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of vanquishing those pesky tab.

3D manifestation of a visual identity designed for Meraki Labs, first-of-its-kind venture studio based in Bangalore. Project Link

Krodh (Anger): Devanagari lettering experiment inspired by reversed-stress typefaces like Shiva Nallaperumal's Orwellian.

Favourite part from a website I made for Meraki Labs, built on Webflow of course. Lottie on scroll

Page transitions from Meraki Labs website, built on Webflow w a bit custom code

Visual language from EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, 2019 utilizing the custom lettering in versatile ways.

Album art for brilliant musician and close friend, Saptak Chatterjee, made on C4D.

Megatron's poop chute

3D explorations created for a gig poster in Bangalore, 2021.

Frames from one of my favourite projects @ NID, Color & Chemistry, where I explored colour changes in chemical reactions as part of a Color course. Oh, and synced the videos to some Massive Attack.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Illustrated my favourite book in an Illustration class during my exchange semester at HIT, Tel Aviv. 2017

A space exploration comic I once started in my undergrad, never completed.

Poster for a screening of Apocalypse Now at the Film Club, NID.

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