Eyemyth Festival 2019
2019 / Brand Identity

Eyemyth Festival 2019


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EyeMyth Media Arts festival is an indie celebration of art, technology and new media expressions in India. Hosted by Quicksand, the festival showcases a diversity in contemporary media arts through an offering of a conference, workshops and showcases.
I worked on the branding of the 2019 edition of the festival, hosted at Deepak Talkies in Mumbai.

Logo In vertical & horizontal formats
Promo video for the festival.
Identity in action on the podium
Type & Colour. Eyemyth Display is a custom font designed for this festival
Sub-events and other creatives
Posters at the venue.
Poster for EyeMyth Afterparty: X-Res Select
X-Res Select at antiSocial, Mumbai
Poster for X-Res Select in various formats: A4, Story, Instagram, Facebook

This video was made to reveal the logo for Eyemyth's 2019 edition. Up until then, the many talented creators associated with Quicksand and Future Fiction had been making short promos in their unique style announcing the festival. This promo brought together all those clips and served as the first identifier of the rebrand.

Speculative Sunday workshop at ISDI
Billboard. Illustration by Gaurav Vikalp
The goodie bag and its contents

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