Future Fiction
2019/ Brand Identity, Web Design

Future Fiction


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Branding, Web Design

Future Fiction is a new platform that shines a light on new media and digital creativity in India. Launced in October 2018, Future Fiction plans to bring together artists, innovators and storytellers to explore emerging technology and build content for the new media landscape in India.

The platform is produced by UnBox Cultural Futures Society and features a keystone event - EyeMyth Media Arts Festival - India’s first showcase of new media and digital arts.
I worked with the Unbox team in understanding the new media scene in India and building the visual identity of the brand.

This project was part of my final year graduation project/ internship at Quicksand.

Project sponsor: Quicksand Design

Creative Director: Avinash Kumar

Project Guides: Tanishka Kachroo, Tarun Deep Girdher

Future Fiction Monogram- Latin & Devanagari
Monogram in motion. Doubles as a loader.
3D renditions of the Logos

I built the website in Webflow from prototype to the final product. Visit the website to learn more about the platform and its upcoming events.

FF Website built on Webflow

The first 9 posts of Future Fiction: A 3x3 Series of Instagram posts announcing brand

Monogram as a frame
Sub-event branding for Future FIction's first event- Immersive Futures
Poster for Immersive Futures 2019
Lightbox at FF events

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