Meraki Labs
2021/ Brand Identity, Web Design, Webflow Development

Meraki Labs


Web Design
Webflow Development
Brand Identity

Web Design
Webflow Development
Brand Identity

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Meraki Labs

Responsibilities: Brand Identity, Website Design, Webflow Development, Motion Design

Timeline: 2 months

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Project Background

Meraki Labs is an early stage incubator and venture fund started by serial entrepreneur Mukesh Bansal (founder of Myntra, Curefit). Launched in 2020, Meraki aims to invest in early-stage companies and incubate game-changing ideas. Partnering with Mridu Jhangiani, Designer at Meraki, I worked on designing a memorable visual identity and designing/developing the website for the brand. It was important that the design is reflective of their ethos to be experimental tinkerers & innovators focussed on leveraging the best design practices to build products of value. The idea of an experimental space where ideas were constantly being built, catalyzed and iterated upon became the cornerstone of the brand identity and consequently the visual language.

For the website, I worked collaboratively with the team on the content strategy and worked on the design and Webflow development. Being a new player in the venture fund space and with a nascent portfolio, it was important that the website serve as a manifesto to lay out Meraki's vision, mission and values front and centre and set Meraki apart in an increasingly crowded Indian venture space.

Building on Webflow, I pushed the possibilities (with regards to the usually interactions and animations on the website and create a robust CMS.

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Style Guide
It was important to show Meraki's main two offerings front and centre. I devised a non-typical interaction to convey the dual offering.
I like bringing motion to most of my projects. Had some fun with scroll-based Lottie animations

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