Multi-Modal Banking Experience
2020/ UI/UX, Conversational Design

Multi-Modal Banking Experience


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A demo made for a leading bank from the USA reimagining the future of banking as a multi-modal experience aided by the ever-helpful virtual assistant, Mark.

The ask was to design a multi-modal (voice + screen display) bill pay experience for bank customers. 12 use cases were melded together in one cohesive story to show the end-to-end flow of all things related to bill payments in the day in the life of a Bank customer, Jeremy.

This journey was storyboarded and brought to life through a seamless experience that combined 2 touchpoints- Jeremy's smartphone and his smart speaker. Both experiences were prototyped to a high fidelity using Adobe XD's novel voice prototyping feature and as an Alexa skill on the Echo.

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2020/ UI/UX, Conversational Design

Multi-Modal Banking Experience

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