The Panjim Story
2019/ UI,UX, Storytelling

The Panjim Story


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UI/UX, Storytelling


The Panjim Story was part of my graduation project with Quicksand Design at their Goa studio. It was incubated as part of the studio's Goa Heritage Project. My work on the project was as a researcher, user experience & visual designer.

The Panjim Story an interactive storytelling app that guides a user through the rich cultural heritage of Panjim by unlocking multimedia content at significant sites.

An MVP titled Panjim 175 was exhibited at the Serendipity Arts Festival. Currently a version 2.0 of the app is under progress.

Project sponsor: Quicksand Design

Creative Director: Avinash Kumar

Project Guides: Tanishka Kachroo, Tarun Deep Girdher

The project was part of Quicksand's Goa Heritage Project (GHP), which aims to research, document and disseminate various aspects of Goan heritage and culture through creative, interactive experiences. The project was a blank slate and to start with, I spent the first two months consuming as much information about Goan culture, history to find areas of creative interventions.

The Abbe Faria story, designed as an interactive graphic narrative. An example of the kind of multimedia content each story would have.

An MVP of the concept was built from scratch over 10 weeks (with content) and displayed at the Serendipity Arts Festival in December, 2018. The app also had the various Serendipity exhibition locations marked on the map.
The content of the project was displayed as part of an exhibition curated by historian Vivek Menezez and Swati Salgaonkar and the prototype of the app was named Panjim 175 to coincide with the 175th year of Panjim's founding.

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