Useless Zines @ Unbox Festival 2019
2019/ Print, Illustration

Useless Zines @ Unbox Festival 2019


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Analog zines documenting the Unbox 2019 festival in no way useful. In line with the festival theme 'Useless Machines', this zine was made with one condition: no digital. We made the zine using an analog Xerox machine and all the pages were made through cutting, pasting and laying out on a piece of paper which was then photocopied.
Playing with the machine, we came up with some interesting experiments by collaging type, images, faces, even facial hair.

The Zine was called 'Sweeping Drone Shots' - as we were basically picking up scrap paper from all over the festival floor to create the zine. And a reference to the typical, opening sweeping drone shots of most high quality documentation videos!

Team: Saket Ghaisas, Supreetha Krishnan, Utkarsh Chaturvedi

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